the revolution is here.

This moment in history can feel like a burden, but it’s a blessing.

It is our birthright to make magic through it all.

ritualize the revolution.

Welcome intentional change consciously and creatively by weaving ritual into your life! 

Ritual is intentional action that can be done either individually or with a group. It can be simple or complex, and helps us create meaning, heal, and transform.

This moment has never and will never occurred before– let's do something different.
learn how
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hey there! i'm katherine.

I know what it's like to silence my power and then rebirth my voice. I have survived abuse by men and systems attempting to consume me. I have given up, lost direction, and wondered if I should take another breath. 


I’m here now because I ritualized through my pain, oppression, and protested with pleasure. My sojourn has led me through unexpected and traumatic waters, but meaning making and remembering my own magic called me back to myself, my sacred community, and my relationship with the natural world.

ritual transformed my life.


I am an interspiritual minister and transformation facilitator dedicated to serving human beings seeking awakening and alignment through ritual crafting, writing, and speaking. I relish short hikes, iced coffee, rain storms, and reading my daughter bedtime stories with my husband. 


As a dedicated practitioner of magic, I honor the elements, access ancient/scientific wisdom, and allow our bodies to show us the path of healing. I am called to transform our unjust society into a liberatory space. If magic and freedom beckon to you as well– make magic with me!

what is ritual?

ritual is:


you won't be the same after infusing ritual in your life 


everyday elements can honor life's moments


when we do things on purpose, we manifest with power


ritual reclaims our freedom in word, body, and soul


ritual is not:

religious or owned by any religion

    anyone can ritualize anything, anytime


    ritual MUST be consensual

something only ministers can do

    you have the power to make magic in every moment

why is ritual important?

  • be more effective & efficient

  • boost your creativity & connection

  • make the mundane meaningful

  • powerful technique for systemic change

  • equitable & accessible to all

what do you want to ritualize?

offerings for personal and organizational transformation

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ritual crafting for your organization

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speaking & facilitation

what our community of magic-makers is saying:

"It is wonderful to have an experience facilitated by someone who does so from a pure space and not from the ego. As a Black woman, I find that it is a rare opportunity to relax into the joy of learning knowing that your teacher is ethical, passionate, and knowledgeable."


Sidney Shaw


"Katherine handles sensitive material in a way that engages with folks, answers their concerns, and shows empathy while doing so. As a trans woman, taking a course with her about women's sexuality allowed me to discover a way to engage with that part of myself in new and exciting ways. I wholly recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn from the best."

Ex Harper Croft

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