Katherine Newell has a Masters in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University, focused on science, metaphysical/indigenous spiritualities, and pastoral care. She served as a trauma chaplain at NYU Langone Medical Center, VCU Health, and continues to infuse chaplaincy in her coaching practice and courses at  The Faith Space. 

transformation consultant

Katherine has supported Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, New Thought, Bahá'í, Indigenous, Atheist, Agnostic, and Pagan communities as a facilitator of interreligious and intrareligious dialogue, leader and participant of ritual, and chaplain during traumatic transitions. Katherine’s educational background provides a myriad of languages to speak with differing faith communities, and her life experiences and magic allow her to connect with folks who have left organized religion and now identify themselves as “spiritual, but not religious.”  

Crescent Moon

In seminary, she studied metaphysics, the New Thought movement, Clinical Pastoral Education, out of the box theologies, systems theory, quantum physics, group relations, teaching, mysticism, radical rituals, death/dying, indigenous spiritualities, evolutionary biology, and eco-feminism. These disciplines have anchored Katherine in her true calling: to assist leaders become further in alignment with their ethics. As an ecofeminist witch, Katherine loves communing with nature and practicing Earth-based rituals, which provides the foundation of her work in the world.

As a woman who walks her talk, Katherine brings to her clients:

  • First-hand experience learning and working in political, healthcare, and academic systems, as well as community organizing outside of a system.

  • Trauma-informed listening skills honed over 1000 clinical hours.

  • Strategic leadership utilizing dialogue, deliberation, and conflict transformation techniques.

  • Social justice praxis and proven commitment to fostering marginalized voices.

  • Ministerial degree and track record of providing spiritual care in diverse settings.

Kate at Union Theological Seminary
Graduation from Union Theological Seminary


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