ritualize your life

Root in ritual and craft personalized rituals for your life.

I meet people at the crossroads of life because I exist there.


Bringing the sacred into the secular, the emotional into the political, and intimacy into the public sphere. Weaving together things that are supposedly juxtaposed is a gift of mine.


Whatever parts of yourself you’ve cast out or been told they can’t coexist, I invite you into a space of possibility.


All pieces of your soul are welcome, seen, and honored with me. I am unafraid of the rules, the status quo, and the way things were done before. If you’re ready to craft a new way of being, let’s do it together!

get ritual, give ritual, create impact, repeat
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Any of these rituals make great gifts for loved ones, and can even support your community. Help us create a space of equity, inclusion, and accessibility by sponsoring a ritual for someone else. 

Don't have the resources for ritual right now? Inquire about access to ritual scholarships.

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are you...

  • open to witnessing magic emerge from the mundane?

  • excited to celebrate your next life event and want it to be as special as you?

  • ready to invigorate your relationships?

  • needing assistance infusing spiritual practices into your life?

if you answered yes to any of these,
ritualize with me!

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Self-led: Facilitate Your Own Ritual

Lead a ritual yourself!

  • Together, we co-create the ritual you wish to manifest, then you conduct it

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Co-lead: Design & Co-facilitate with Katherine

 Make magic AND memories. Make your own magic...and a memory to remember forever!
$300/1 session, $500/2 sessions, $650/3 sessions. Choose as many sessions as you’d like, although some have minimums due to the nature and sensitivity of the occasion. 


Choose at least 1 session for one of the following occasions to root in ritual:

These make great gifts for loved ones and can even support your community-- consider sponsoring a ritual today! 

  • Birthday (minimum 1 session)

    • Celebrate yourself or someone special with sacred honoring of your life and legacy. Begin your solar return aligned and reinvigorated.

  • Graduation (minimum 1 session)

    • Honor the hard work of a loved one with a soulful celebration of this milestone. This can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. A private ritual or very public showing of love.

  • Death of a loved one (minimum 3 sessions)

    • The conclusion of life is the holiest of events and brings up waves (and sometimes tsunamis) of emotion for those dying or their loved ones. Craft a ritual that fully honors the death and grieving processes. 

    • Option for sponsorship / gift for others / scholarship

  • Birth of a child (minimum 2 sessions)

    • Examples include harnessing energy for birth, releasing expectations for birth plan, transitioning identity, letting go of fear, conflicts with co-parents/family, naming ceremony, blessing before and/or after birth.

  • Beginning a project, book, adventure, job, etc. (minimum 1 session)

    • Start your new chapter with a fresh page and full energy. Treat yourself during a transition with an intentional beginning packed with power and purpose.

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Led by Katherine: Enjoy the Magic

Design & implement your own unique blend of ritual. Choose any three occasion rituals, or 1 individualized ritual session ...?? However youwanna mix these


  • Need support to truly heal, transform, and live in alignment?


"Katherine is truly a trailblazer."

Francisco Herrera

Phd Candidate and Christian Agitator