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ritual crafting:
shift the regular into revolutionary

mission + marketing = manifestation

Crafting personalized rituals for your organizational culture shifts the mundane work day into a culture rooted in effectiveness and greater efficiency.

is your organization:

  • Aligned with your values or working towards them?

  • Wanting to make a lasting difference

  • Ready for bold innovation?

  • Striving to be a respected leader in your sector?

  • Ready to be noticed and stand out from the competition? 

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ritual is for your organization if...

  • you are looking to further your mission beyond a byline into a true engagement with your community or audience. 

  • press conferences and email blasts don’t cement your organization’s vision into the minds and hearts of those who can co-create it with you. (Ritual is an embodied experience that disrupts our status quo. It shifts the regular to revolutionary.) 

  • you want to create impact by investing in something the press can’t wait to report on, your donors can’t wait to fund, and create something special for those most affected by your methodology to appreciate. 

packages for orgs
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Ritualize Your Organization

Crafting personalized rituals for your organizational culture shifts a mundane work day into a culture rooted in effectiveness and greater efficiency.

  • Ritual basics taught to your team, C-Suite, or entire organization​

  • 1-on-1 mentoring for emerging leader(s)

  • Culture consciousness raising and renewed dedication to mission

  • Build intentional processes that speed up workflow and bring to light details overlooked

  • Be a company with integrity and invest in your workforce

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Craft Public Ritual

Don't just make a statement. Make an impact.

  • 2 hour visioning/emerging session

  • Detailed outline of ritual (preparation, instructions, leadership roles, etc.)

  • Option to collaborate with more than one organization/community group

  • Guidance on how to publicize ritual to gain maximum impact

  • 1-on-1 mentoring for staff member(s) coordinating ritual

  • Recommendations for next steps and how to build upon your success

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Total Transformation

For organizations truly ready to transform! 

  • Shift your org's culture and further your mission in the public sphere by combining internal ritual implementation and an external public ritual.

  • This all-in-one package is for maximum impact and alignment within and beyond your company.

  • Discounts and scholarships can be negotiated.

total transformation venn diagram and moon phases
add-ons for impact

maximize your impact with these additional tools for empowerment and visibility

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Publicity Package

Be empowered with media staples to elevate your ritual, your mission and that stays true to your values, all in a way that is social and shareable. This package, provided by my digital media engagement partner, includes:

  • 1 press release to illuminate how your org is utilizing ritual 

  • 5 social media posts for each social platform you utilize

  • 2 designated e-newsletters

  • Professional Event/ritual photos (depending on availability)

  • Professional on-the-ground video capture (depending on availability)

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Team Ritual Intensive

Give your team need a reboot to further your revolutionary impact!

  • Learn to infuse ritual into your work day

  • Create deeper trust between colleagues

  • Navigate conflict or potential pitfalls through intentionality

  • Empower your team to accomplish a goal or gain new insight on an existing one

  • Grow employees into leaders through empowerment rituals and reflection

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VIP Days

Whether you're a ritual novice or pro-- update your skills and truly shine!

  • Learn new rituals to revamp your leadership

  • Receive 1-on-1 support as you experiment with magic

  • Get feedback in real time and on previous facilitations

  • Hone your ethics and decolonize your ritual practice

  • Transform quickly and powerfully in a single session


i've made magic with:

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"Katherine is skilled in conflict resolution strategies and has the capability to produce extraordinary results. Her core values and strong moral compass make her the ideal facilitator for any team or organization."

Paige Nikles, BSN, RN

ICU Nurse at CHI Memorial Hospital

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