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"We tell stories with hopes that we may be truly heard."
~Isabel Mares
  • Writer's pictureKatherine Newell Okojie

I am a ritual crafter.

It's been a minute since I wrote publicly. Privately, I am eternally writing, as it has always been one of the strongest avenues I use to communicate with the divine. Shifting from my own intimate and private writing to baring my soul for the world to see is not the easiest of transitions. But this moment in history calls for just that: a shift.

So, I’m back! In your inbox or newsfeed. To sound the alarm that humanity keeps pressing snooze on, and to ritualize our way through the unknown.

A few months ago I left a dream job that turned out to be a nightmare. As I picked up the pieces of the damage that organized religion often leaves in its wake, I (re)realized the reason I’m on the planet: to make magic.

Some may perceive this term as naive or impossible, but tapping into this power is the bravest act we can do. The problem is that magic is viewed as something invisible, rather than the force it is. In order for magic to become tangible, we must ritualize. We physically invite the unseen from the realm of possibility into a paradigm of probability.

In every relationship, career transition, and country I’ve ever been in, ritual has guided me through the darkness and into clarity. I write this not as a human who has everything figured out, rather as a human who practices the art of manifestation through the messiness.

That’s why I’m launching a ministry only a millennial could birth. Not in a church, or building of any kind. Not associated with a religion or rules. And not afraid of systemic oppression built to keep us small. None of that is needed for transformation.

The work I do is to make meaning out of the mundane. To lift up voices not heard enough or loud enough. To explore the edges of what could be and assist in the evolution of our planet.

I am a ritual crafter.

And, I know this may be strange to hear, but so. are. you.

That tingle in your tummy or lump in your throat just gave it away. Your magic has been waiting (probably not-so-patiently) to come out and play. Notice how your body responds when you say I am a ritual crafter.

Breathe it in. Welcome those words into your consciousness. You are not alone. There is an abundance of everyday magic makers, and it’s important we call upon the collective for what is brewing in our personal and public lives.

This time period we’re living in is precarious (and I’m not just talking about the global pandemics still impacting us all.) Oppressive systems are still in existence long after their expiration date, guns are the leading cause of death in American children and teens, and Tucker Carlson is (somehow) still on television.

On the other hand, there are so many fabulous aspects of life, and an abundance of opportunity… if we craft a truly equitable world. Ritual and systemic change together? How does that work?

Ritual is often seen as a small act that can make someone feel good, and that’s about it. But what if we tapped into the revolutionary power of elements, empowerment, and equality? Ritual is not a bandaid– it’s a bullhorn.

And while ritual is absolutely powerful on our own, what if we took it a step further? What if we reached out to our loved ones and communities? When we gather together, and co-create, we expand our consciousness and have the opportunity to actually shift culture.

If your soul is stirring and ritual crafting is calling to you, please sign up for future email updates and special offers for rituals we can craft together!

With love,

- katherine

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