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Rage Ritual:
Narcissistic Abuse

unleash your voice & reclaim your power

Narcissism can be a painful reality for many and it leaves scars that run deep. It’s an experience that can shake our self-worth and leave us grappling with wounds that aren’t always visible. Our upcoming ritual creates an intentional space where these emotions can find their voice, where the anger, frustration, and hurt can be channeled into something transformative. Enough is enough. 

Please join Katherine Newell Okojie and Sidney Shaw in a ritual to revel in and release our anger.  Our society is saturated with narcissists who have caused tremendous harm to those they proclaim to love. Whether you've survived abuse from a covert or overt narcissist, there is deep healing that must occur to remember and reclaim our sovereignty. Let's utilize rage to burn off any tethers holding us in place and find the freedom to scream, yell, and speak our truth – no holding back. With the intention of realignment and reawakening, this ritual will consist of bodily movement, voice activation, releasing of rage, reiki, dialogue, and more!

There are two opportunities to ritualize with us!
*Please indicate on your ticket which event you're attending.

(Limited capacity - No more than 20 participants)

Friday, Sept 15 from 6-8pm at The Karma House 
608 Garrison St. Lakewood, CO 80215

Sunday, Sept 17 from 6-7:30pm MST
*link provided after ticket purchase

This event is open to all genders, as narcissistic abuse effects us all. This ritual will be offered once in person and once online for accessibility. The Rage Ritual is also offered on a sliding scale, so all who feel called can participate. The value of this experience is $50, so if you have more financial prosperity, please consider donating more to make sure everyone who wants to attend can. Please purchase your ticket through the button below.

Meet your magic makers!

Sidney Shaw, RMT, is a compassionate and experienced Intuitive Healer, certified Reiki Master and Tarot Card Reader. With over ten years experience working with clients, she is continuously honing and refining her skills as a healer. A practitioner of kindness, compassion and empathy, Sidney’s clients are guided down their path in alignment with their highest and best good. Sidney is passionate about empowering her clients to take charge of their healing and express their gifts to the world. It is through expressing our raw, real, authentic selves that we make this world a better place.

Sidney Shaw headshot.jpg

Katherine Newell Okojie has a Masters in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University, focused on science, metaphysical/indigenous spiritualities, and pastoral care, and an undergraduate degree in Diversity & Divinity from Regis University. She has previously served as a hospital trauma chaplain at NYU and VCU medical centers, a legislative chief of staff for two Colorado state representatives and a senator, and a community collaborator with local nonprofits and interfaith activists. Katherine honors the call to ministry through working with revolutionary leaders to foster empathy-building, social/eco justice, and holistic integration of change. Her mission and methods cultivate a more peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world.

Purchase your ticket here!

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