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what our community of magic makers is saying:

"It is wonderful to have an experience facilitated by someone who does so from a pure space and not from the ego. As a Black woman, I find that it is a rare opportunity to relax into the joy of learning knowing that your teacher is ethical, passionate, and knowledgeable."


Sidney Shaw

"Katherine handles sensitive material in a way that engages with folks, answers their concerns, and shows empathy while doing so. As a trans woman, taking a course with her about women's sexuality allowed me to discover a way to engage with that part of myself in new and exciting ways. I wholly recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn from the best."

Ex Harper Croft

Being a loud and outspoken trans-enby person that works a lot in justice issues on houselessness, gender, and sexuality; I frequently seek out justice focused folx for educators. Katherine is a phenomenal justice minded teacher, she is reflective, contemplative, and is amazing at reaching people where they are at--a high importance for making a larger impact on one's educational journey.

C Blanck


As a teacher and facilitator, Katherine is at once inspiring and humble. No matter what the subject matter, she reads the room and adjusts her style and angle in a way which those learning from her want to participate, and are moved to speak up and help shape the lesson. Her positive energy and calm affect keep the whole room effectively engaged throughout, all while each and every student in the room feels seen and heard. She weaves her skill of listening with her compassion and heart to make for an enlightened learning experience.

Kristen Payne

Katherine is one of the most compassionate, grounded and prophetic people I have been blessed to know. She has an intuitive way of knowing what the soul in front of her requires and is able to provide it with care and attention. Holding brave spaces for those in need of support is where Katherine shines. She will walk into the fire with you and hold you up. She will stand back when you need to take your own first steps and she will walk beside you when you need a trustworthy guide. I am deeply honored to have worked with Katherine and to have seen her alchemize the mundane into the extraordinary. No easy feat. Without a doubt, in ritual, Katherine is the gift.


Rev. Yael Navid, Interfaith Minister and Founder of Waters of Oshun

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